Sisterhood of the world bloggers award 

Hi guys!

I have been nominated for an award!

Thank you to blankmindsalike for nominating me for this award! 

Here are the rules-

1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the 10 questions your nominator has provided.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees and notify them of their nomination.

So here are my answers to the 10 questions I was asked…

1-Do you have any hobbies if so what are they?

I like running, Zumba, shopping(if that counts 😂) and reading!

2-What is your favourite TV programme series?

100% gossip girl! I love that programme so much and was so upset when season 6 ended.

3-What would you do if you won the lottery?

I would travel to New York, shop and pay for myself to attend the teen vogue based get ahead in fashion weekend course in London!

4-Whats your ideal pamper day?

Firstly, it would be more like an afternoon because I would be waking up after lunch! I would probably have a bath with a lush bath bomb and then cleanse my face and use a face mask. Then I would paint my nails and moisturise and finally wash of the face mask and curl up with a book.

5-Any favourite makeup you would reccomend?

I LOVE Benefit Roller lash so so much! It is definitely the best mascara I have ever owned!

6-Whats your most embarrassing moment?

My whole life is one big embarrassing moment 😂

7-What’s your favourite outfit?

A black vest top under a blue slouchy top (my favourite item of clothing) with some leggings, my blue converse (which are now grey after I left them in the sun for too long and it bleached the colour) and a denim jacket.

8-What would you do and where would you go if everyone turned into zombies?

I would probably cry a lot and then run into the field out the back of my house and set up camp somewhere nobody could find me. I can’t see myself surviving very long though! 

9-What food would you never be able to live without?

It’s a toss up between avocado, Russian fudge yoghurt, pizza and pasta.

10-Who in the world inspires you the most and why?

I am very inspired by my parents. I know it’s a really boring cliched thing to say and technically that’s two people, but they’re very kind and successful and when I finally decide what I want to do with my life I want to do it as well as they’ve done what they chose to do in their lives! (I apologise for the cheese 😊)

I nominate

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7-Geez Kyra Louise


9- DailyHayley1

10- Lululovelash

And finally here are my ten questions for you!

1-What are your top 3 favourite films?

2-What is your go to piece of clothing when you want to look and feel good?

3-which skincare product, if any, do you swear by?

4-what is your favourite animal and why?

5-think of your closest friend and list their 3 best qualities.

6-which month is your favourite and why?

7-what is your favourite sport and why do you like it? 

8-which makeup brand do you love above all others?

9- which place would you most like to visit in your life and why? 

10- what Is your favourite word or saying? 

Thank you for for reading and I’m sorry this isn’t my usual kind of post! Thank you again for nominating me blankmindsalike!