Sisterhood of the world bloggers award 

Hi guys!

I have been nominated for an award!

Thank you to blankmindsalike for nominating me for this award! 

Here are the rules-

1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the 10 questions your nominator has provided.

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So here are my answers to the 10 questions I was asked…

1-Do you have any hobbies if so what are they?

I like running, Zumba, shopping(if that counts ūüėā) and reading!

2-What is your favourite TV programme series?

100% gossip girl! I love that programme so much and was so upset when season 6 ended.

3-What would you do if you won the lottery?

I would travel to New York, shop and pay for myself to attend the teen vogue based get ahead in fashion weekend course in London!

4-Whats your ideal pamper day?

Firstly, it would be more like an afternoon because I would be waking up after lunch! I would probably have a bath with a lush bath bomb and then cleanse my face and use a face mask. Then I would paint my nails and moisturise and finally wash of the face mask and curl up with a book.

5-Any favourite makeup you would reccomend?

I LOVE Benefit Roller lash so so much! It is definitely the best mascara I have ever owned!

6-Whats your most embarrassing moment?

My whole life is one big embarrassing moment ūüėā

7-What’s your favourite outfit?

A black vest top under a blue slouchy top (my favourite item of clothing) with some leggings, my blue converse (which are now grey after I left them in the sun for too long and it bleached the colour) and a denim jacket.

8-What would you do and where would you go if everyone turned into zombies?

I would probably cry a lot and then run into the field out the back of my house and set up camp somewhere nobody could find me. I can’t see myself surviving very long though! 

9-What food would you never be able to live without?

It’s a toss up between avocado, Russian fudge yoghurt, pizza and pasta.

10-Who in the world inspires you the most and why?

I am very inspired by my parents. I know it’s a really boring cliched thing to say and technically that’s two people, but they’re very kind and successful and when I finally decide what I want to do with my life I want to do it as well as they’ve done what they chose to do in their lives! (I apologise for the cheese ūüėä)

I nominate

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2-Everything Nadia





7-Geez Kyra Louise


9- DailyHayley1

10- Lululovelash

And finally here are my ten questions for you!

1-What are your top 3 favourite films?

2-What is your go to piece of clothing when you want to look and feel good?

3-which skincare product, if any, do you swear by?

4-what is your favourite animal and why?

5-think of your closest friend and list their 3 best qualities.

6-which month is your favourite and why?

7-what is your favourite sport and why do you like it? 

8-which makeup brand do you love above all others?

9- which place would you most like to visit in your life and why? 

10- what Is your favourite word or saying? 

Thank you for for reading and I’m sorry this isn’t my usual kind of post! Thank you again for nominating me blankmindsalike!


Hi guys I just wanted to give you a little update on some new products which I have discovered which I have been absolutely loving recently! I hope you’re all enjoying your spring and will find this post interesting…

The first product I want to share with you is a serum by Clinique. It is the Clinique smart custom repair serum and it has made a noticeable difference to my skin! I am finding it much easier to apply my makeup and my spots have all disappeared! My skin feels smooth and soft and amazing.  

 The second product which I am really enjoying heading into summer is the Garnier summer body moisturising lotion. Although you do have to be careful with the application of this product as it can come out streaky, When you take your time over applying it and do it right, using not too much product, it gives you an amazing natural looking colour. It also smells gorgeous, not like some tanning moisturisers you can buy. I would really recommend this product!  

 Next I want to mention the new baby lips that I picked up recently called ‘Dr rescue’. Baby lips haven’t really done much for me before as I find they can actually dry out my lips, however this new formula, although it doesn’t smell as amazing as the other baby lips I have tried, works well to moisturise my lips. I recently went on my Duke of Edinburgh practise expedition and this product helped my lips through! I can get past the strong minty smell because the product is so moisturising and also relatively cheap!  

 The last product I want to include in this post is actually one that I’ve had for a while. Since we are getting into the warmer months I have been going for more gold and bronze themed makeup looks and the perfect palette to find shades to use on my eyes has actually been the cashmere face palette from Next. I actually can’t find the exact palette I have been loving but I found a similar one which I have linked which has a smaller selection of eye shadows but which is also a beautiful palette. I have been washing a white highlighting shade over my whole lid before blending a slightly darker champagne colour into my lid and then blending a beautiful burgundy into my crease. You could recreate this with any brand of eyeshadow, finding products that work for you.   

  Thank you for reading this post and I will talk to you guys again very soon. I would love it if you could follow my blog and like this post as well as checking out some of my other posts, like my favourites and my reviews of events I have enjoyed! 

Skincare routine

Your skin is a very important part of you, it’s a blank canvas for you to enhance and embellish but you want the smoothest base you can get! My skin is very sensitive and so I use as many non allergenic products as I can, here is my skincare routine…

In the morning I start by rinsing my hands under cold water before squeezing some simple face wash into my palm and rubbing my hands together to make it foam. Then all I do is close my eyes and rub it into my skin, making sure I cover the sides of my face as well as the centre to avoid breakouts as much as possible! All I do next is take a flannel and run it under hot water before rinsing my face. Then I dry my face with a rough towel to briefly exfoliate it.

After cleansing I take the simple moisturiser and dot it on my nose, under my eyes, on my forehead, on my chin and on the apples of my cheeks to make sure I don’t miss anywhere before rubbing it in. Finally I apply burt’s bees lip balm to my lips.

At night I start by applying simple eye makeup removal lotion to a cotton wool ball before wiping my eyes to remove all of the makeup from that day. I also remove my eyebrow makeup with this lotion. After this step I just follow my morning skin care routine to cleanse and moisturise my face and my lips. I hope this helps anyone looking for a new routine or even someone starting one and I’ll speak to you all again soon!

Simple face wash

Simple moisturiser

Simple eye makeup remover

Burt’s bees lip balm

(I also know that it’s good to incorporate face masks, perhaps even using one a week, so if anyone has recommendations for sensitive skin I would appreciate any ideas for products I could look into!)

The Clothes Show Live.

The Clothes Show Live is a big annual event which¬†is running from Friday 5th to Tuesday 9th this year.¬†Loads of celebrities attended including you tubers Alfie Deyes, Fleur DeForce and Jim Chapman and Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing. This year was my first time at the clothes show and I got loads of amazing deals on makeup from brands such as Models Own, Rimmel and Barry M so I decided to write a review for a few of the products I bought for my first ever blog post! Enjoy…


The first thing I bought on Saturday was a goody bag from Barry M. It contained a Super soft eye crayon in shade no. 10. I couldn’t find the exact product on the website but this link is for different colours in the range. I also got a greeny silver metallic nail varnish called Silvery Lilac which is shade np324 on this page¬†and a textured effect nail paint called Atlantic Road.As well as these¬†I¬†got¬†a metallic nail paint in magnetic burgundy, again I found a link for the magnetic nail paints but ¬†couldn’t find this colour on the Barry M site.There was besides these¬†a¬†crackle paint in no. 311, a glittery pink nail paint in magenta glitter which is no. 336 in the link and one in pink silver glitter which is number 337¬†and¬†a lip lacquer crayon in shade no.2. In the goody bag there was also¬†a dazzle dust in no.24,¬†which was not on the site but which was part of this collection of¬†dazzle dusts and a fine glitter dust in no.6 which also wasn’t available so here’s a link to the others in the collection.¬†Finally I got a purple liquid eye liner in no.5 which is also unavailable so here’s a link to the range.

IMG_1822 IMG_1820 IMG_1819  IMG_1817

The Barry M nail varnishes I got.
The Barry M nail varnishes I got.

Next I went to Ruby cosmetics and ¬†got an eyeshadow palette with four eyeshadows. This palette had a tutorial for smoky eyes in the lid. From the same place I got¬†a brow kit containing¬†stencils, a double ended brush and a brow powder and a lipgloss. I have actually already used the brow kit with the natural stencil which was the closest shape to my brows and I found that it worked very well, was quick to apply and didn’t look fake or too heavy. ¬†The only problem with the¬†kit was the powder in it has already broken which has made it a bit messier to use so if you buy this product¬†I would suggest you’re careful with it.


Another shop at the show was Rimmel who were doing a goody bag for ¬£10 like Barry M and Models Own. You could choose either the Rita one, the Kate one or¬†one other which i can’t remember! I chose the Kate one and inside there was a mini matte BB cream in light, a mascara in eye rock jet black 004, an eyeliner in 263 starlit black, a lipliner in ultimate 046, a lipstick in 01, a glitter topcoat nail varnish in 018 and a liquid cheek tint¬†in sun kissed cherry 004. I did a Rimmel makeup look today so I tried all of the products and love the two lip products together for winter as they create a really dark red lip which also lasted me all day without fading, especially with the liner underneath. I also love the shape of the mascara wand as it makes it very easy to apply. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†The nail varnish topcoat was a bit difficult to put on¬†as the glitter didn’t want to go onto my nail but once I had managed it my nails looked really nice and the glitter sparkled blue¬†in the light. I loved the eyeliner as it came with a smudger which made my eyes look smokey.


The last makeup items that I got were from Models Own. I got three nail varnishes, one was a hypergel in brunette red and the other two were normal varnishes- one in purple grey and one in purple blue. The purple blue one was sparkly metallic. I also got a duo eyeshadow compact with a brown shimmer and a light yellow gold shimmer, an orange tinted pink lipgloss which i couldn’t find a link for, a sparkly black pencil liner and a normal black eyeliner. I got¬†a bubblegum flavour lip balm which I couldn’t find a link for, a black artstix pen, a nail file, makeup sponges and some eyeshadow applicators. I also got a mirror. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†I have used the brunette red and I love the hypergel formula. It went on opaque¬†with no need for more than¬†one coat. I also added spots with the arstix nail art pen which dried reasonably quickly.

IMG_1828 IMG_1829

The clothes show had some really good deals and I would recommend it. I hope to go again next year!!