The Vogue Festival

On Saturday the 25th April me and my friend attended the Vogue festival  at the royal college of arts in London in the afternoon. I just thought I would write a quick post about it as I really enjoyed the day and thought you might like to hear about my experience. I also thought I would recommend a few products I tried at the festival.

The first thing we did when we arrived was to get a manicure courtesy of Topshop. I got ‘heart of gold’ nails with a black semicircle at the base of my nail (i will add a picture as that was not a very good description) The manicure has lasted amazingly well and i love the gold colour. There was a free Topshop nail polish free with the manicure, however I picked up a pink sparkly one called adrenalin (which I can’t find a link for) rather than the gold so I will let you know about that when I have tried it out.

IMG_1808 (1)

We then went to have a ‘vogue cover shoot’ done. We lined up to have a makeup touch up with Chanel makeup before selecting some Chanel accessories and having our photo taken, edited and printed. I was very impressed with the result and I would also recommend the lipstick that was used during my ‘touch up’. It was called 402 Adrienne and is a very beautiful neutral lipstick which was also quite moisturising.

We then had our makeup down courtesy of Bobbi Brown. You could choose one feature of your makeup for them to do, for instance eyebrows, cheeks, lips, smokey eyes. I personally went for eyeliner. I really liked the product which was used and it seemed like it was quite easy for the makeup artist to apply as well as being very long-lasting on me.

I hope to attend the festival next year, and maybe one of the talks as this year was my first time at the event so I only got foyer tickets. Maybe some of you will try out the event next year too?

My April Favourites

This month I have discovered lots of new beauty products which I really enjoy and would like to recommend to you. I have some makeup favourites, some skin care favourites, some food favourites and also a new fitness favourite.

My makeup favourites:

This month I have really been enjoying benefit’s roller lash. I feel this mascara really lengthens my lashes and with a few coats you can also create volume in your lashes. I picked up the limited edition Elle magazine with the mascara on the front to try it out and I love it so much that despite the fact it is a little more pricey, I’m definitely going to have to invest in the full size!


My other makeup favourite this month is Rimmel apocalypse lip lacquer in 301 galaxy. It is a really beautiful purple lip gloss. It doesn’t dry out my lips when i wear it like some other lip glosses and it is also very easy to apply. There is an indent in the applicator which picks up the product really well so you don’t have to keep pumping the brush, which can make the product go gloopy.


Skin care favourites:

My first skin care product which I love is the Clinique moisture surge facial moisturiser. This product is again quite expensive like the mascara I mentioned, but it makes my skin feel so gorgeous and silky and a small amount goes a long way. This moisturiser makes my skin care routine something I look forward to because of how amazing it makes my skin feel. I also really like the packaging of this product.


My other skin care favourite is tea tree oil. Whenever I get a spot i just apply some of the oil to it and it gets rid of my spots very effectively. Although it is quite a strong-smelling product, the smell isn’t unpleasant and even if it was, I don’t think I would mind because it really does help my skin. It works because of the chemicals in it which kill  bacteria which causes spots when it gets trapped in your spots your pores.


Food favourite:

I have one food to recommend this month. It is a breakfast which is quick, easy and healthy. I have been having pre packaged scotch pancakes topped with yoghurt (in particular the Russian fudge or mango ones from the collective) and granola (you can use any granola but I like tesco finest raspberry and blueberry granola as it contains all good ingredients including acacia honey and a variety of seeds).

My fitness favourite:

My fitness favourite this month has been Zumba. I attend a Zumba club in my local area for an hour a week and I find it is a really enjoyable way to stay healthy whilst being a part of your community and learning some new dance routines. I started Zumba in 2014 and would strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to keep fit, or just looking for a new hobby to do in their spare time.

The Clothes Show Live.

The Clothes Show Live is a big annual event which is running from Friday 5th to Tuesday 9th this year. Loads of celebrities attended including you tubers Alfie Deyes, Fleur DeForce and Jim Chapman and Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing. This year was my first time at the clothes show and I got loads of amazing deals on makeup from brands such as Models Own, Rimmel and Barry M so I decided to write a review for a few of the products I bought for my first ever blog post! Enjoy…


The first thing I bought on Saturday was a goody bag from Barry M. It contained a Super soft eye crayon in shade no. 10. I couldn’t find the exact product on the website but this link is for different colours in the range. I also got a greeny silver metallic nail varnish called Silvery Lilac which is shade np324 on this page and a textured effect nail paint called Atlantic Road.As well as these I got a metallic nail paint in magnetic burgundy, again I found a link for the magnetic nail paints but  couldn’t find this colour on the Barry M site.There was besides these a crackle paint in no. 311, a glittery pink nail paint in magenta glitter which is no. 336 in the link and one in pink silver glitter which is number 337 and a lip lacquer crayon in shade no.2. In the goody bag there was also a dazzle dust in no.24, which was not on the site but which was part of this collection of dazzle dusts and a fine glitter dust in no.6 which also wasn’t available so here’s a link to the others in the collection. Finally I got a purple liquid eye liner in no.5 which is also unavailable so here’s a link to the range.

IMG_1822 IMG_1820 IMG_1819  IMG_1817

The Barry M nail varnishes I got.
The Barry M nail varnishes I got.

Next I went to Ruby cosmetics and  got an eyeshadow palette with four eyeshadows. This palette had a tutorial for smoky eyes in the lid. From the same place I got a brow kit containing stencils, a double ended brush and a brow powder and a lipgloss. I have actually already used the brow kit with the natural stencil which was the closest shape to my brows and I found that it worked very well, was quick to apply and didn’t look fake or too heavy.  The only problem with the kit was the powder in it has already broken which has made it a bit messier to use so if you buy this product I would suggest you’re careful with it.


Another shop at the show was Rimmel who were doing a goody bag for £10 like Barry M and Models Own. You could choose either the Rita one, the Kate one or one other which i can’t remember! I chose the Kate one and inside there was a mini matte BB cream in light, a mascara in eye rock jet black 004, an eyeliner in 263 starlit black, a lipliner in ultimate 046, a lipstick in 01, a glitter topcoat nail varnish in 018 and a liquid cheek tint in sun kissed cherry 004. I did a Rimmel makeup look today so I tried all of the products and love the two lip products together for winter as they create a really dark red lip which also lasted me all day without fading, especially with the liner underneath. I also love the shape of the mascara wand as it makes it very easy to apply.                                                              The nail varnish topcoat was a bit difficult to put on as the glitter didn’t want to go onto my nail but once I had managed it my nails looked really nice and the glitter sparkled blue in the light. I loved the eyeliner as it came with a smudger which made my eyes look smokey.


The last makeup items that I got were from Models Own. I got three nail varnishes, one was a hypergel in brunette red and the other two were normal varnishes- one in purple grey and one in purple blue. The purple blue one was sparkly metallic. I also got a duo eyeshadow compact with a brown shimmer and a light yellow gold shimmer, an orange tinted pink lipgloss which i couldn’t find a link for, a sparkly black pencil liner and a normal black eyeliner. I got a bubblegum flavour lip balm which I couldn’t find a link for, a black artstix pen, a nail file, makeup sponges and some eyeshadow applicators. I also got a mirror.          I have used the brunette red and I love the hypergel formula. It went on opaque with no need for more than one coat. I also added spots with the arstix nail art pen which dried reasonably quickly.

IMG_1828 IMG_1829

The clothes show had some really good deals and I would recommend it. I hope to go again next year!!